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I’m on a roll. Two blog posts back to back! I’m impressed with myself! Aren’t you?

Blogging for Babies is hosted by my friend, Holly of Phe/mom/enon. (I absolutely adore her blog name!) I already thought she was a phenomenonal person and blogger but after reading about her son, Cole’s story, I was immediately overcome with emotion. I knew that whatever small part I could play in participating in her food event, I would.

Cole’s story was a little “too” close to home for me.

I was born 2 months premature. I weighed a little more than 4lbs. I prefer to say that I was actually lucky to weigh that much. I really don’t know too much about my NICU days b/c my parents don’t like to talk about it. I think it brings up too many sad memories for them. But every now and then my mom will tell me little snippets and even 30 years later, I see the crystal tears well up in her eyes.

It must be an incredibly overwhelming time for a parent. I can’t even imagine. I guess more than anything I just wanted to take the time to tell my friend, Holly, that there is life after pre-mature birth. A full and active life with the help of conscious proactive parents like her.

I am wishing her and Cole all the best for years to come. ♥

I decided to use a cat as an inspiration for my mom. Not sure why. Just felt like my mom has that mother cat mentality. Of course it had to be the cutest cat I know, Hello Kitty! The mini cupcake has 3 red bows that represent me and my 2 brothers.

You can find the chocolate cupcake recipe here.
You can find how-to Hello Kitty instructions here.

Happy Sunday readers.

“You only live once. Make sure it’s enough.”
~The Most Interesting Man in the World, Dos Equis

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