Cupcake Hero [Pumpkin] Throwdown

October 26, 2009 at 9:07 AM | Posted in Cupcake Hero, cupcakes | 7 Comments

Wowie! Another month of incredible entries!

Congratulations to Samantha of Sweet Remedy Bakeshop coming out on top! Can I just tell you that this baker knows how to sell herself (Wait that didn’t sound right.) appeal to the masses for votes? She’s obviously got a connection on a Jeep Forum b/c I can’t tell you how many hits my blog got on voting day from Jeep lovers. Way to get non-cupcake peeps involved!

To say I agonized over my baker’s choice this month would be an understatement. There was more than 1 cupcake that I wanted to bake. I even contemplated baking 3-4 this round but limited time, funds and people to pawn off cupcakes to (Why do people insist on dieting during October, November, December trifecta? That’s just asking for failure IMO.) prevented me from doing that. Yes, yes I know *I* could have eaten the cupcakes but…um… I’m on a diet.

Wanna know how I broke the tie? That good ol “eenie meanie miney mo” strategy. Hey don’t knock “eenie meanie”! That’s how I picked my husband… and that seems to be working… for now. HA! I kid. I kid. I love to kid my husband. *looking innocent*

Let the throw down begin.

Pumpkin & Vanilla Cream Cupcakes by Samantha of Sweet Remedy Bake Shop

Dulce De Leche Pumpkin Cupcakes by Jamieanne of The Sweetest Kitchen

Stay tuned. Stay tuned. Stay tuned. Stay tuned. Stay tuned. Stay tuned. Stay tuned.

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